Hi, I'm Lauren White here with the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce, and with me is Greg LaMonica from Norwich Wealth Management. And how are you today? I'm doing well. Thanks for having me. Good. Thanks for having me. All right. What are your services? So basically what we do is we work with individuals and families on creating goals throughout their lifetime by using tools, investment product tools, to kind of achieve those goals throughout their lifetime. That's one aspect of what we do. We tend to work with local attorneys, tax preparers as well, kind of like a quarterback that kind of has all these different professionals working for our individuals or our clients. The other thing that we do is we do work with businesses. 


So we do retirement planning for businesses as well. So you're there from the start to the finish. The finish, yeah. And more than likely is goals change for people. We all kind of make, you know, changes. Yeah. And we're right there with them to build those scenarios to see if, hey, will it work or not? And it's a very gratifying job. That's awesome. How long have you guys been around doing this? So we've been in the local area for a really long time. I just actually called the office. It's close to 90 years now. We first started off in the Chenango County area in Norwich with First Albany, and then it changed over our hands to Wachovia, Wells Fargo Advisors, and then more recently in the last two years we've become an independent practice which we're really proud of and really excited to be a part of. 

Yeah, it's awesome to start paving your own way. Absolutely, absolutely. So what's your favorite part of running this? So probably my favorite part is really getting to meet new people. One of the things I've noticed, especially with couples, you might not know each other's goals. Everybody's busy. You have children. You're working. Everybody's kind of doing the hamster wheel. And I get to be a part of having some of those really defined questions. What does retirement look like for you? Or what does it look like before retirement? And when you start asking questions like that and a couple has time to just sit there and think about it, you really can define how to create a plan around, you know, a custom plan around the couple. 


That's awesome. I really love that part. Yeah, and that's different for everybody. It is. It's never the same thing. Exactly. Yeah, we don't get bored. That's awesome. And is there anything that we might not know about Norwich Wealth Management? So one of the things is we're really involved. So when I say we're independent, you know, you have a lot of big companies that sponsor a lot of events, gratefully. We also do that as well, but it's basically, you know, it's money that we, you know, that comes out of our pocket. So we're really invested in our community. I mean, I can speak for myself. I've coached sports for probably eight years in the area. Brandon in our office, he's done the same. We are very philanthropic. 


Most of us are involved with a lot of nonprofit organizations, Community Foundation of South Central New York, SPCAs. Oh, wow. And we really invested in this community. So that's probably our biggest thing. That's awesome. To really put back in what you take out. Absolutely. I mean, it's just, to me, that's the way the world should work. And we believe that. That's awesome. Well, thank you for being part of the community. Thanks for coming in. Thank you. Thank you for watching. If there's any more information that you want on Norwich Wealth Management, please check the description below and we'll put that in there for you. Thanks.


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